Our project can only take place the way it does thanks to a number of partner institutions spread over our entire walking distance.
Their support is valuable in such matters as the organisation of events in major cities and the search for hosts in their respective countries. We are very happy to collaborate with them, so we would like to briefly introduce them on this page.

ACT Association for Independent Theatre zusammen mit dem ACT Independent Theatre Festival

In Sofia

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European Union Office in Kosovo (EUOK)/European Union Special Representative (EUSR)

The EU Office in Kosovo is part of a network of more than 130 EU Delegations across the world with a primary role to present, explain and implement EU policy. The EUOK plays a key role in the implementation of the EU’s substantial financial assistance to Kosovo. 

The EUSR offers advice and support to the Government of Kosovo in the political process; provides coordination and contributes to the development and consolidation of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Every HRT-letter is the beginning of a story. 

Since 2012 Human Rights Tattoo sparks social change, through the power of art, around the world to tattoo the complete Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which consists of 6773 letters, onto the skins of 6.773 human beings. Individuals forming a unique collective, universally spread across countries and continents and covering all layers of our global society. Everybody has their own unique story. And everybody is connected by bringing to life the complete and ground-breaking text from 1948.


In Belgrade

REX is a center for contemporary art, debate and engaged cultural practice. The common goal of REX’s projects is to empower and encourage individuals, groups and initiatives to express and realize their ideas, and to use their knowledge and skills in a creative way, developing an understanding of social relations. 

REX was founded in 1994 on the initiative of Radio B92 with the intention of becoming a place of presentation and production of the contemporary local art scene, but also a place of exchange and learning. REX cooperates with colleagues throughout Serbia, as well as from the whole region and Europe. REX’s film festival SLOBODNA ZONA is a member of the Human Right Film Network.


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