There are a couple of important milestones along our path, where we will stop and pause for a day. These stops, spread across the overall distance, are intended to lend structure and rhythm to our project. They provide small islands of repose as well as times and spaces for reflection. We will use them to intensify our discourse on the Human Rights in talks organized with our local partners. At some of the stops, we are planning Human Rights Tattoo events, giving those interested a chance to embody the Human Rights in a very literal sense.


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Vienna, Türkenschanzpark (Yunus Emre Fountain)

This is the big day of our departure, and we would like to celebrate by gathering with you at the Yunus Emre Fountain. It will be our first time to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights together and our first time to make smartphone portraits of people we encounter and invite to participate.
We would love for you to be there and simply say goodbye or read along, or even keep us company for our first of many, many steps on the way to Istanbul!

9 am: Reading the Preamble as well as Articles 1, 2, 3 of the UDHR
10 am: Leaving for Istanbul

First day’s march: Vienna → Traiskirchen (Möllersdorf)

We invite you to join us!

18/09 and 19/09/2022

Zagreb and Bihać


09/10 and 10/10/2022


INTO THE CRACKS meets REX Re/generation
10 October 2022, 6–9pm

INTO THE CRACKS is exploring the discourse on Human Rights, its current capacities and powers, its efficiency and proficiency, and its… cracks.
Walking a distance of 2500km, we encounter the topic in a variety of situations, contexts, constellations, and contingencies.

One of these investigations will be an experimental hybrid of talk and podcast formats in cooperation with REX Belgrade: The event will be strongly processual and open to impulses by its participants. And it will be available as a podcast on our website later on.

REX has tackled the local, regional, and global Human Rights discourse as well as the policies and politics linked to it in a variety of ways and approaches for years.  The aim of the event series REX Re/generation is to transfer this accumulated knowledge and experience onto younger generations in the form of podcasts.

On Monday, October 10th, INTO THE CRACKS and REX will create a common space of thinking, talking, and analysing in order to address the layers, histories, cracks and futures of Human Rights discourses and practices.

We will talk in three languages – English, German, and Serbian (BCMS) – and read the Declaration of Human Rights together. This setting will provide the opportunity to comment, translate, understand, and misunderstand the Declaration’s meanings, sounds, and echoes anew.

The ‘Babylonian’ scenery will be organised and recorded in three corners: a German, a Serbian, and an English one. We will switch constantly between talking, discussing, and translating in small groups – each equipped with a microphone for documentation – and an open debate with everybody.
The cracks that are simultaneously explored and discussed in three different linguistic, political, and cultural spheres thus can be studied and understood in a sort of real-life ‘3-D research technique.’

Step by step, the language-corner categories will turn fluid and people will be able to decide which corner they want to join, allowing perspectives to be tested and to become more and more flexible.

Participating experts:
–          Vahida Ramujkic (No Name Kitchen)
–          Dušan Maljković (Queer Studies, Belgrade)
–          Marija Perković (Women in Black, Belgrade)
–          Ana Ostojić (grupa 484)
–          Vincent Angerer (philosopher, Vienna)

Kulturni centar REX
Obilićev venac 2
11000 Beograd Srbija

25/10 and 26/10/2022



31/10 and 01/11/2022



13/11 and 14/11/2022





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