Thank you very much for being open and willing to be our host!

We really appreciate your support.

In order to let you know what to expect, here’s the most important information on how you can host us:

1. You will be hosting 2 persons: Carina Riedl and Dieter Kovačič.
They are the initiators of INTO THE CRACKS, and they will be walking from Vienna to Istanbul. Find information on both of them here. 

2. You are happy to host us on the specified date, but your home is a bit off the route?
If you live more than 3km away from the given location, unfortunately, Carina and Dieter will only be able to accept your offer if there is a connection to public transport or if you are kind enough to pick them up and drop them the next day. If in doubt, please reach out! 

3. You will be offering them a place to sleep:
a bed, a couch, a mattress on the floor. To save weight, they will bring light sleeping bags but no mats to put underneath. A hot shower would be nice. If you wish to extend your hospitality by offering some breakfast coffee, they will be happy about that, but they don’t expect it!

4. You will have 2 guests for one night.
Carina and Dieter plan to arrive in the early evening and get back on their way the next morning.

If you have questions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to reach out by e-mailing



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